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2015 AIAD Elections

Candidate Info Now Available


2014 Celebration

Online ticket sales end tomorrow!



AIAD Latest Articles

AIAD Annual Meeting and 2015 Elections

By-Laws: Section 3 - Election Publications


A. The Chapter shall publish a notice to the entire membership at least 20 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The notice shall restate the date, time and location for the meeting, list the nominations, shall provide background on the nominees, and shall give instructions for absentee ballot voting if there are contested positions.

Date: November 12, 2014
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Detroit Golf Club
17911 Hamilton Rd, Detroit, MI 48203)
RSVP through Eventbrite HERE by Monday, November 10th.

Absentee Ballot Instructions

AIA Licensed Architects and Associate members may request an absentee ballot from the date of this announcement (10/24/2014) up to a week before the Annual Meeting (11/5/2014).  Ballots can be requested by contacting Lauren Myrand at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Absentee ballots must be submitted by close of business day, November 12th.

2014 Board Nominations (*denotes contested position)

Vice President
Robert Hoida
Kim Montague
Michigan Director*
Fred Butters
Amy Deines
Dima Daimi
Kristina Glusac
Detroit Director
Theo Pappas 
Associate Director
Chandra Moore
Affiliate Director
Aimee Zoyes

Candidate Profiles

We have asked all of the candidates to provide some background on themselves while running for a position.  We hope you take the time to get read about the candidates before voting!  Remember, you can vote via absentee ballot (can be requested up through Wednesday, November 5th), or in person at the Annual Meeting on November 12th.

2015 AIA Detroit Board Elections

To:  AIA Detroit Board Nominees
This year, the AIA Detroit Board of Directors has formally recognized, agreed to, and documented the direction and methods our Chapter will use to support the Vision of AIA Detroit.  This is not a radical change in direction; rather, it is the result of the work of past Boards and Presidents as we have purposefully and carefully adjusted our course to best support the membership and the profession by
• Energizing and supporting our emerging professionals so that they recognize the importance of becoming registered and participating in the AIA.
• Reaching outwards to the broader design community to collaborate and partner with like minds and efforts to spotlight the positive impact design has on the environment.
• Taking action by involving ourselves in key community and civic initiatives that are shaping our city and region.
• Merging the work of committees and Board so that they are mutually supportive.
• Become active and influential participants in the historic changes developing in the City of Detroit.
In order to effectively move forward, support and further enhance our stated direction, Board members must be active participants in our initiatives and programs.  If you are willing to commit your time and energy to meet each month as a member of the AIA Detroit Board and to dedicate additional time and energy outside of those Board meetings to actively engage in initiatives and programs, then this is your opportunity.  This is the expectation of all AIA Detroit Board members moving forward.
Bob Piatek
2014 AIA Detroit President 

BEC Detroit Program Library

Archive Of BEC Past Programs


January 2012

Selecting Aluminum Fenestration Systems: Storefronts/ Curtainwalls/ Ribbon/ Strip Windows/ Operable Windows - Mr. Dan Goodman, CSI and Mr. Matt Rinkowski

February 2012

Litigation and the Exterior Enclosure - LEED Risks - Mr. Kevin Gleeson

April 2012

Waterproofing - Mr. Jerome Misiolek, Mr. Paul Wild

May 2012

Prefabricated Masonry Systems - Mr. David T. Biggs, PE, SE

September 2012

Advanced Framing: Time to Green-up Your Structure - Mr. Bob Clark

October 2012 - SYMPOSIUM

Achieving High Performance Resilient Buildings and Communities - Mr. Henry Green, Hon. AIA

The State of the Interface: Achieving Building Enclosure Performance - Ms. Fiona Aldous

Evaluating Air Barriers: Test Methods and Standard Specifications - Ms. Theresa A. Weston, PhD

Why Buildings Matter: Part 2: How Long Will it Last? Addressing the Real Challenge of Sustainability - Mr. R. Christopher Mathis

November 2012

Coming November 2012!

Adventures In Building Science
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Vapor Barriers Do Not Protect Buildings,
Vapor Barriers Protect Architects
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Why Buildings Matter: A Perspective on the Past, Present and Future of Building Performance
Download File

October:  The BEC Symposium 2011
Dr. Suess Does Building Science
Fundamentals of Moisture Transport
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Energy Consumption in Buildings
May 2011
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Building Enclosures: Legal Issues
April 2011
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Exterior Wall Assemblies - State of the Art
February 2011
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Optimizing Performance in Commercial Fenestration
January 2011
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Saving Energy with Masonry
November 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

DOE Update on Building Envelope Research
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Building Envelope Fundamentals:  When Old is New Again
[file not available]

October:  The BEC Symposium 2010
GSA and Energy Efficient Building Enclosures
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

BIM and Total Building Analysis
September 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Blast Resistant Design
May 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Introduction to Infrared Thermography
April 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Guidelines for Sealant Selection and Application
February 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Specifications to Avoid Three Concrete Problems
January 2010
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

1999 to 2004 Changes
Relative to the Building Envelope
November 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Lstiburek's Enclosure Definitions
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

A Forensic Approach to Roofing Failure
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Controlling Masonry Cracks and Leaks
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

October:  The BEC Symposium 2009
Solar Solutions for Commercial Roofing
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Thermal and Moisture Migration Analysis
September 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Rainscreen Building Envelopes
May 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Curtainwall 101
April 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

March 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

An Introduction to Air Barriers
February 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Preservation of Contemporary, Historic
and Architecturally Significant
January 2009
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Research and Development
Supporting the Evolution of EIFS
November 2008
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

Environmental Loads and Masonry
October 2008
RokBox :: PDF File
Download File

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